Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Welcome to our blog post where we explore the rich history and vibrant celebrations of the Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. This annual event holds great importance for the Catholic community, offering a time of devotion and reflection. In this article, we will delve into the origins, significance, devotions, and customs associated with this revered feast. Let's embark on this spiritual journey together!


The Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, also known as Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, has its roots in the Byzantine Empire. The original icon, believed to be created in the 15th century, depicts the Blessed Virgin Mary holding the child Jesus in her arms. The feast celebrates the perpetual help and intercession of Mary, the mother of Jesus, in times of distress and difficulty.

Novena: The Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Help is often preceded by a nine-day novena, a period of prayer and devotion. Devotees gather in churches to recite prayers, seeking the intercession of Mary for their needs and intentions.

Processions: Many communities organize processions on the feast day. The icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help is adorned with flowers and carried through the streets, accompanied by joyful hymns and prayers. This public display of faith fosters a sense of unity and devotion among the participants.

Special Masses: Churches hold special Masses on the feast day, emphasizing the role of Mary as the intercessor and advocate for believers. Sermons often highlight the significance of seeking her assistance and guidance in times of hardship.

Lighting of Candles: Lighting candles before the icon is a common practice during the feast. Candles symbolize the light of faith and hope, reminding believers of Mary's constant presence and support.



Q1: When is the Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Help celebrated?

A1: The Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Help is celebrated on June 27th each year.

Q2: Can non-Catholics participate in the celebrations?

A2: Absolutely! The feast welcomes people of all faiths to join in the celebrations and experience the profound devotion surrounding Our Lady of Perpetual Help.


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