About Us

FAITHLIFT® Jewelry Business is not just a jewelry business. It is always more than that, As our purpose of creating FAITHLIFT, we want to inspire and uplift the world with our meaningful art crafted jewelry that will last a life time.

It is to always remind everyone on how to value your love one's through meaningful gifts with message card even though they are apart. And to constantly give happiness in any celebrations. 

We are always committed to provide a meaningful and memorable brand. The one that touches the soul of anyone who will receive this lovable gift.

This is to bring an exquisitely designed jewelry brands that satisfy the needs and wants of the people. FAITHLIFT Jewelry is designed to reflect the things that are important in our life that offer for special occasions and for everyday wear.



 With humble beginnings, FAITHLIFT jewelry business started when the two couple was in the stage of eagerness on how to inspire and uplift the faith of the young’s  generation who were easily in suicidal depression. The couple came up for an idea to create a jewelry that they can wear anytime and that will uplift their spirit and gets motivated on their daily activities. That is where everything began and the rest is history…


Giving happiness and inspiration is our mission!


To be the well-known inspiring Jewelry Brand in the world.


"Some gifts are big. Others are small. But the ones that comes from the heart are the best gift of all." Tinku Razorta |



Awarded as Premier Quality Jewelry Products Provider (National Awards) for 2021 by Elite Business and Leadership awards last December 16, 2021 at Sofitel Manila.

Awarded as Best Crafted Religious Jewelry Provider (National Awards) for 2021 and 2022 by Q-Asia's Quality Excellence Awards.